We recommend that every patient have an annual exam.  An annual exam lets us focus on your health by promoting awareness of new health concerns and preventing disease with education and medication management.

During this annual exam, several screening tests will be performed.  What can you expect during your annual exam?

Your annual exam is done in two parts.  The first appointment is scheduled with the phlebotomist who will draw your blood.  You will need to be fasting for this appointment.  This means nothing to eat or drink for twelve hours prior to your appointment time.  You can and should drink water!  Drinking water keeps you hydrated and makes the blood draw easier.  You can also take your daily medications.

The second part of your annual exam is scheduled with the provider.  They will go over your blood work and do a physical exam.  They will also answer any questions and possibly scheduling further appointments for more in-depth treatment.

For women, a Pap Smear can be done.  Depending on your age, other screening tests will be ordered such as a Mammogram or a Bone Density Test.

For men over forty, a PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) will be added to your lab tests.

If you are over 45, colon cancer screening will be discussed.